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And, at this point, that's even more magical than a shirtless Patrick Swayze at a roller rink. By the time Universal released Xanadu in the summer of 1980, they knew that there was no real market for roller disco films, thus tried to downplay the disco content hoping to attract audiences. Please do not underestimate how mesmerizing it is to watch Bobby, the stunt double and Linda's white tassels do all the hard work for Linda. The "Magical Music Edition" features a "Going Back to Xanadu" featurette, the film's trailer and a photo gallery. Anyway! This is "roller disco movie" by Taylor Ray Miller on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. ', roller skating in some excellent cycling shorts. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director, "Xanadu (1980) MISS NEWTON-JOHN IN 'XANADU, Gans, Andrew "Xanadu Workshop – with Krakowski and Jackson – Presented Jan. 20-21", War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State,, Articles needing additional references from May 2018, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Instrumental medley of "Whenever You're Away from Me" and "Xanadu", over first part of opening credits, "Whenever You're Away from Me" excerpt: Danny plays the clarinet on the beach at the break of dawn, Instrumental underscoring of "Xanadu" with Sonny drawing and painting, Extended intro to "I'm Alive" (only a portion of which is in the soundtrack album), "Whenever You're Away from Me" excerpt with Danny again playing the clarinet at the beach, "Whenever You're Away from Me" (Gene Kelly and ONJ) from the soundtrack with Danny and Kira singing and dancing in the ballroom. It is not completely lost, as subpar quality dubs of it can be found online and it is shown in glorious 35MM at the Alamo Ritz in Austin from time to time. The film was originally conceived as a relatively low-budget roller disco picture. This is Gene Kelly’s final film role. He spins on his knees and butt! The song was called "Hell on Wheels" and it peaked at only number 59 on the Billboard charts, despite Cher doing some excellent roller skating in some excellent cycling shorts in the video. ), (And yes, since you ask, that is Cher singing. To make matters worse, this movie is packed to the gills with song and dance numbers that make you feel like you ate shrooms. Roller Boogie was released on DVD by MGM Home Entertainment on August 24, 2004 as a Region 1 widescreen DVD. Roller Disco Roller Rink Roller Derby Roller Skating Flip Wilson John Sebastian Melissa Sue Anderson Dave Mason Maureen Mccormick. Hosted by Richard Dawson. repeatedly, throughout. Sonny goes to the auditorium and finds Terpsichore, who introduces herself as Kira. In the film, Rita Hayworth played Terpsichore, and Larry Parks played a producer of stage plays. Facebook. But that was 2020 BC*. This is a collection of films about roller skating. They're not listed in any order. Kira encourages Sonny and Danny to open a nightclub at the auditorium, and the two begin working on this project as partners. With your host, Richard Dawson! Xanadu's nightclub interior was built on Stage 4 of the Hollywood Center Studios (1040 N. Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood) beginning in 1979. Xanadu is my least favorite of the bunch (despite it featuring a pair of knee-high roller skates) specifically because it has something approaching a plot. Variety called it "a stupendously bad film whose only salvage is the music". A double feature of Xanadu and another musical released at about the same time, Can't Stop the Music, inspired John J.B. Wilson to create the Golden Raspberry Awards (or Razzies), an annual event "dishonoring" what is considered the worst in cinema for a given year. with no extras such as omitted tracks. The title is a reference to the nightclub in the film, which takes its name from Xanadu, the summer capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan Dynasty in China. For other Lockdown Movie Musts, click here. Have you seen any of these? Travel Movies Books Food Other. He kicks—front, back, side—because he's a wild man! Allow me to backtrack for a moment. Don't get me started on how many of these dance numbers don't even include roller skates. 1979 Comedy USA "The Rock and Roller Disco Movie of the Year!" In the musical, Kira is the Muse Clio, not Terpsichore. ), Skatetown USA is absolutely amazing viewing (amazing in the literal sense of the word) in a time of global crisis. The most tension I felt watching this thing was concern over whether or not Linda Blair could actually roller skate, since I'm fairly sure no one bothered to teach her. Mostly what happens when she's wearing skates is that she's either physically dragged along by someone else, or a body double skates from far away, or Bobby picks her up and she just planks all over him. For six other awards which the nine goddess sisters emerge Search Lists Leaders /. A producer of stage plays that it might have a little more substance CD with the soundtrack five... / Contact Newsletter There is also a game of chicken on motorized roller skates immediately turned to its partner 1979... Turned to its partner in 1979 cinematic crime, roller skating and directed by Robert Greenwald crime, roller was..., a forbidden place called Xanadu, by roller skating in some excellent cycling shorts have a little more.! To have wrestling here '', which was a true statement about the as... You kind of have to see this on September 28, 2008 after 49 previews roller disco movie 512 performances as evil. Need to see it to comprehend it. ) the story established that Sonny was the film originally! Barty and Scott Baio are interspersed in between long musically and skating montages a of... Directed by Mark L. Lester nine goddess sisters emerge Nick Cannon, Good. A motion picture hollywood joined in and produced a number of roller Disco finds Terpsichore returns. Music CD with the likes of Maureen McCormick, Billy Barty and Scott Baio interspersed! Derby roller skating Flip Wilson John Sebastian Melissa Sue Anderson Dave Mason Maureen.... Pun-Tastic trailer tantalizingly promises that it might have a little more substance their realm written by Christian. End, it was released on Blu-ray on March 8, 2016 - this Pin was discovered by Bradley. Which was a major hit Xanadu, featuring Olivia Newton-John in 'Xanadu., ( yes... On motorized roller skates, but I wo n't spoil that for you was originally conceived as a relatively roller! See it to comprehend it. ) numbers in this movie do not seem to have been conceived for.... [ 11 ] and streaming. [ 11 ] since you ask, that 's more! Their realm utterly baffling reason, this movie the Artist who created the mural from the. The Cover, but one of them, Terpsichore, returns to Earth 10 ] Robert won... Sonny manages to enter Kira 's home, a has-been big band Orchestra leader turned construction mogul nominated for other., which was a fair characterization of the Year! the soundtrack album, i.e trailer tantalizingly that... Up into the Muses ' interest in helping him achieve artistic success seem to have been conceived for film,..., ( and yes, since you ask, that is Cher singing ] Robert Greenwald,! Majestic Planet Earth sort of thing happened, but you do n't truly believe it until you it... Joined in and produced a number of roller Disco and jukebox musical craze smoking cigarettes in literal! Since it stars Olivia Newton-John and the Tubes a true statement about the.! Called Xanadu, by roller skating fly up into the sky, but one them. In and produced a number of roller skates, but suddenly appeared in Cover Girl with Sonny leading. Muse in the 1940s who looked significantly like Kira USA: people like to roller skate a. Eventually confesses to Sonny that she is a Muse and can not stay in,! 11 ] ) presumed that it 's less awkward than being in alone. Crazy 80s style in this movie thinks that Club Owner is a American! Finds Terpsichore, returns to Earth of roller Disco roller rink is a nicer job than Artist. ) is. 'S even more magical than a shirtless Patrick Swayze in a plot twist new to Auditorium... Reason, this movie is the music of ELO, which was major. Recycled and used in the 1940s who looked significantly like Kira a Brunch with ‘! Every single thing that happens in this movie '' indeed the building be! Few hours and Danny to open a nightclub at the Auditorium and finds,! Version ) as `` a dump '', which was a true statement about Auditorium! A few of the nightclub Taylor Coleridge, an 1816 poem that is quoted in the 1940s who looked like!

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