how to view old posts on facebook page

The new tabs were discovered on an Apple iOS Facebook page. If you have Facebook open when you install it, you'll need to reload the page … Facebook's new "manage activity" feature lets users archive or trash old posts. You can use the years on the right to navigate for older posts … You'll be pleased to hear that Facebook has a really easy way of allowing you to see all your old posts - even the ones you deleted. Hi Nadim, To view your past posts in your Activity Log: 1. First, go to the padlock icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and click "see more settings": Then click "limit past posts": And click "limit old posts" again: Before Facebook introduced its timeline format, you couldn't easily jump to a specific post on a profile or business page. This means that every post in the history of your Facebook account will be visible only to your Facebook friends, whether that be via the search function or on your profile. For now it's only available on mobile and Facebook Lite. Facebook then reverts back to the classic design, which you can enjoy without configuring anything. How-To Facebook changed how you see most recent posts in its new redesign – here’s how to get it back. To find your old posts on your Facebook profile: 1. A check on Android shows the old Facebook page, with the "What's on Your Mind," … There, you can cycle through your entire posting history on Facebook, dating to the day you made your profile. Click "Your Posts" on the left side For now it's only available on mobile and Facebook Lite. If only they would make it the default option. Click "view activity log" 3. Here is how to filter memories based on dates. Facebook just rolled out the option to archive or delete old posts in bulk. Go to your profile 2. The wall contained posts in a single stream, forcing you to navigate through all of them sequentially. Some things are better left in the past, so be careful when viewing your old Facebook memories. To read very old posts, you had to scroll first through hundreds of more recent items. On the left side click "your posts" or "posts by others" 4. You will be amazed at what you can find in your old posts from five or even ten years ago. Facebook recently added a Manage Activity tool that allows users to view their past posts on the social network and delete them or archive them so that other users can no longer see … Simply install Old Layout for your browser, then visit Facebook, and you'll see the familiar interface. Go to your profile and click "View Activity Log" 2.

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