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… Our camper (Bernadette) = 2,000 pounds. Jun 24, 2013 - Searching for fun and interesting facts on Arizona. The Arizona Trail is 800 miles long and is dedicated to hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. You will also find unique cacti and flowers than bloom here throughout the summer. 2. 8 Incredible, Almost Unbelievable Facts About Arizona. The state attained statehood on February 14, 1912, becoming the 48th state to join the union. 30 Interesting Facts About Arizona ‘Interesting’ is one word that rightly describes Arizona, as it is an assemblage of diverse cultures, geographic segments, and clans. 10 Geographic Facts About Arizona . The 90’s alt-rock scene was good to Arizona. Here are a few interesting facts about Arizona to help increase the old knowledge bank. Famous people to come from Arizona include Chief Geronimo, late US Senator John McCain, Arizona’s official reptile – yes, it has one – is the, Believe it or not, the man who discovered Pluto was doing so while observing the, In fact, many people are able to view stars in great detail across the state. They can weigh up to 6 tons! Two of the top-rated waterfalls in the United States are located in Arizona: Grand Falls and Havasu Falls. Arizona Fun Facts and Trivia. Kristin Norton. Let's start with this; the nickname for Arizona … There are more than 100 wineries and 22 varietals of wine produced in Arizona. 1. One of them still resides within the Grand Canyon itself. Today we’re going to compare Arizona with other places around the U.S. and the world. 1 Saguaro cactus = 6 Bernadette's! As of 1 January 2018, the population of Arizona was estimated to be 7,016,270. It was branded the 48 th; This occurred in 1912, after the USA took control of the land from Mexico. There is a nuclear power plant in Arizona on 4000 ac.², it employs 2055 workers, generates 35% of all the electric energy in Arizona, and it is the only nuclear power plant in the world that is not built next to a body of water. Enjoy Arizona and all it has to offer! 100 Phoenix is situated midway between El Paso, Texas and Los Angeles, California. 3. Be prepared to tickle your funny bone! Arizona is a U.S. state in the southwestern region of the United States. Required fields are marked *. I moved to Phoenix in 2014 for cobalt blue skies, perpetual sun and this world-class Sonoran Desert lifestyle. There are 22 national parks and monuments in Arizona. Despite being one of the biggest states in terms of size, less than a fifth of its landscape is owned by any given party or operator. Be sure to share which ones you were most shocked by or share your own weird facts at your next dental appointment. Arizona is also home to the discovery of copper, back in the mid-1800s. Fun Facts About Gilbert AZ. 1. Did you know the number of cars crossing the border at Nogales, AZ has decreased below its level in 1995? Sedona receives an average of 330 days of sunshine in a year. The bottom half of the flag has the same Liberty blue as the United … The Nogales, AZ border is one of the main land-crossing points between Mexico and the U.S.; and the most important one in Arizona. 40 Interesting Facts About Phoenix (Arizona) Phoenix is located in the south-central portion of Arizona and about 120 miles north of the Mexico border. Tucson is a city in Arizona, United States. The World Health Organization has recognised Arizona as being remarkably pure in air quality. That's more than Florida, the Sunshine State. By LandCentral. Phoenix, You know, because it’s a desert. Read on for the weirdness! Here are 10 interesting tidbits you should know about Arizona—and 10 cool experiences you should definitely explore. 17 Victorious Facts about Winston Churchill, Arizona is one of the youngest US states, at least based on when it was admitted into the union. The Grand Canyon, which is likely to be one of the most popular attractions in the … The Grand Canyon state has much to offer from caves to desert sands, hot summers to ice covered Snow Mountains, the Petrified Forest, to the Painted Desert and many more. Gilbert is located in the beautiful state of Arizona. The Sonoran desert is one of the most fascinating stretches of its kind. The ringtail is a small fox-like animal about two and one-half feet long and is a shy, nocturnal creature. 12. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Arizona as well as the whole country. Someone get me the quickest route to Arizona. Gilbert has been a fast growing town in recent years. It is the 33rd most populous city in the United States. 1. In 1968 Robert P. McCulloch Sr. purchased the original London Bridge after it had been replaced in its home city. Facts | North America | 13 Amazing Facts about Arizona Arizona Capital Building. Here are a few fun facts about Arizona from your favorite dentist in Prescott! Arizona There’s always something new to learn about Arizona. 1. These 10 facts about the small desert town of Sedona are no mirage; this locale holds a ton of secrets waiting to be discovered. That’s taller than a 5 story building! Write for us | 5. Flag: The 13 rays of red and gold on the top half of the flag represent both the 13 original colonies of the Union, and the rays of the Western setting sun. ARIZONA CLIMATE AND FUN FACTS TOPOGRAPHIC FEATURES. They were used to prevent California from … #lovingarizona #gratefultoarizona #arizona #crazyfactsarizonaIn this video I give Ten Crazy Facts about the great state of Arizona!Links to follow! Wyatt Earp was neither the town marshal or the sheriff in Tombstone, Arizona at … – Source. 10. Subscribe, Admin Offices Arizona has 35 state parks and natural areas preserving the state's natural, cultural and recreational resources. These articles are brought to you by the staff of the Arizona Office of Tourism, and occasionally local tourism organizations around the state. Even Arizona natives may be surprised by some of these fun facts about our state. Interesting Facts The Grand Canyon State. According to Travel + Leisure, three of the 10 world's best destination spas are in Arizona (two in Tucson and one in Sedona). Arizona's Sonoran Desert is the only place on earth where the iconic saguaro cactus grows. Here are nine more cool, fun, weird facts about Arizona. Here are 10 interesting tidbits you should know about Arizona—and 10 cool experiences you should definitely explore. It’s a place with dramatic landscapes, unique vegetation and fantastic weather.… Sunshine is in huge supply in Phoenix. 11-15 Arizona Facts. 10 Interesting Facts About Arizona. But how many of these fun and fascinating facts about [amazon_textlink asin='B00RL7EA24' text='Arizona' template='ProductLink' store='thetravelersway-20' marketplace='US' link_id='ee5bad08-7484-11e7-97e1-d1e2ad5431c2'] do you know? We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. Arizona once had a navy consisting of two boats on the Colorado River. Englishman “Lord” Phillip Darrell Duppa suggested the name Phoenix to describe a city born from the ruins of a former civilization. Arizona is one of the youngest US states, at least based on when it was admitted into the union. 8. Here are 10 Fun Facts that might convince you that Arizona is the place for you. This western travel destination has a … Sedona looks amazing when it snows. In fact, the Grand Canyon National Park is regarded as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Arizona The Arizona climate variation have three main topographical areas: A high plateau in the northwest averaging between 4,000 and 6,000 feet in elevation; A mountainous region oriented southeast to northwest with … The city is situated along the Santa Cruz River on a hilly plain of the Sonoran Desert that is rimmed by the Santa Catalina and other mountains. The effects of the attacks of 9/11 were significant and many times underestimated since waiting … 7. It is illegal to hunt camels in the State of Arizona. Here are 12 interesting facts about Sedona that will make you plan your next vacation here. 9. 227,984 If You're From Arizona… Petrified Forest National Park Join Charlie, Kirby, and Patrick on their adventure in the Petrified Forest National Park in this episode of "Nature Boom Time." 11. Indiana origins. Red and gold were also the colors carried by Coronado's Spanish expedition in search of the Seven Cities of Cibola in 1540. 386,435 Video. It stretches to over 260,000km, and likely sees 10 inches of rainfall each year. The Valley averages 211 clear days and 85 partly cloudy days per year. It has a unique claim to this, as there are no other wonders based in the USA. Some interesting facts about Arizona from its natural beauty to its man-made must-sees, that you must know before you move there. That’s because the vast majority of the state is wide open land or national parkland. 2. This Guy Took His Camera With Him On His First Trip To Arizona, And What He Captured Is A Side To The State Even Locals Haven’t Seen. Arizona is the 14th most populous and the 6 th most extensive of the 50 states of the U.S. To honor our home state on its birthday, we thought it would be fun to share some facts about it. The ringtail is the official state mammal. 48 Interesting Facts About Arizona. 13 Amazing Facts about Arizona Find us on Facebook 5 Interesting Facts about the Immune System In this tumultuous year, not only are we still dealing with coronavirus, but we're now also entering the heart of flu season. It was branded the 48. 2. Here are five shocking facts I learned about Arizona’s Saguaro Cactus. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Very little of Arizona is private land. It's time to relax with some interesting facts about Arizona, but be prepared to smarten up as well with some rather educational yet fun facts about Arizona thrown in along the way. 1. Everyone knows that February 14 th is special for lovers, but for Arizona, it holds another important meaning. To give your body the best chance possible to fight off illness, you'll want to keep your immune system as healthy as possible. Site Map. 4. The world’s largest solar telescope is located in Arizona at Kitts … Arizona is also known as the “Copper … The city of Wenden is one of only a handful of cities worldwide that restricts pollution to a specific level. interesting facts (Interesting Fact) During the days in which exploration of the states was prominent, the lechuguila species created a deadly obstacle for those who were exploring the southwest by ways of horses, because when riding, the leaves which were very sharp would puncture the horses' legs.

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